Home Visits

Home Visits

Home Visits are available and reserved for Patients who are either housebound or too unwell to come to the surgery.

The Reception team will ask some questions when a Home Visit is requested to ensure we have the right information, please given as much detail as possible.

It is normal for a Doctor to follow up with a phone call to further understand and assess a Patient’s needs. If it is possible to offer appropriate care without visiting the home this will be considered. If a Home Visit is the most appropriate course of action, then of course we will arrange for this.

As you will appreciate, Doctors are able to see many more patients at the Practice in the same time it takes to see one patient at home. It is also clinically preferably to examine a patient at the Practice where we have additional resources, equipment and colleagues to offer a second opinion if required. It is for these reasons that we take steps to ensure we are not visiting homes when it is not absolutely necessary.

We cannot guarantee a specific time of day for a Home Visit. They can sometimes be after 18:30 when the Doctor has finished their normal surgery, or even the next day if necessary and appropriate. The Doctor should give you an indication of this when they call to assess. If symptoms worsen while you are waiting for a Home Visit either call us back to let us know or call 999 for Emergency Care.

In most cases children should be brought into the Practice where we can ensure they are assessed quickly, and if required, refer them to hospital without delay. There is also a Children’s walk-in centre on Smithdown Road their phone number is 0151 285 4820